Game-changing technologies make a critical difference for E&P companies seeking to improve their understanding of the subsurface. Targets are deeper and more complex than ever before, and the race to develop unconventional resources is unprecedented. Companies maximize their investment in seismic data with technical solutions provided by Sterling to gain an advantage in exploring and developing their reservoirs.

Our mission

Sterling’s wide range of advanced technologies and workflows help create the most accurate high-resolution seismic images and advanced analyses for interpretation, prospect generation and reservoir optimization.

Our mission includes proprietary development of leading-edge technologies and an ongoing effort in evaluating the latest commercially-available specialty software.

We’ve carefully selected strategic partners who represent best in class technologies to provide advanced capabilities to meet your objectives. We combine their technologies with our own strengths to produce a superior result. Alternatively we deliver project results specifically prepared for their inputs. Our goal is to combine expertise, innovation and the best analysis tools available to meet your data needs.

Strategic partners

To deliver the highest standard of technical excellence for our clients, our strategic partners represent competencies that complement our advanced proprietary capabilities. Our strategy combines the best technical and business efficiency with a firm commitment to innovation on every project.