Sterling offers comprehensive seismic processing services for 2D, 3D, 4D and multi-component data for land, marine and transition zone areas to help customers discover and develop their oil and gas resources.



Sterling-services-landing-page-capabilities-cropOur processing center in Denver set the standard for quality and innovation, offering an extensive set of proprietary technologies and imaging capabilities to solve the most difficult seismic challenges for our clients.

Sterling’s expertise includes:

  • time processing
  • depth imaging
  • multi-component processing
  • difficult near surface statics
  • proprietary noise techniques
  • 5D interpolation, anisotropic imaging
  • fracture characterization
  • bandwidth preservation and extension
  • AVO and reservoir characterization through our strategic alliances

Accuracy, quality, and reliability are fundamental aspects of our services. We meet our client requirements with technical innovation, experience and integrity, delivering seismic data to help them gain a competitive edge.

Sterling services denverhoustonOur E&P customers seek a competitive edge, a technology advantage, in the evolving unconventional plays. These rapidly developing resource plays require new thinking (research & development) and innovative solutions (thin-bed imaging) to optimize production. Plays such as the Bakken – Three Forks in the Williston Basin – are textbook examples of how differential technologies and client collaboration can enhance drilling success.
Geo-steering long lateral well paths in thin reservoir intervals demands improved technologies for seismic imaging and reservoir prediction. Sterling’s suite of reservoir driven solutions provides the highest resolution images in both time and depth to exploit unconventional reservoirs.


Our clients know that when their project demands fast turnaround, we dedicate the resources to get the job done without sacrificing quality. From small 2D datasets to very large 3D projects, our mission is to satisfy our customers with quality, speed and responsive personalized service on every processing project.

Focus on Innovation

Innovation is fundamental to our commitment to provide the right data solution to serve our clients’ exploration and reservoir goals. Sterling’s expanding portfolio of proprietary processing capabilities and strategic technology partners addresses the specialized needs of resource plays and the complexity of conventional targets.

Sterling’s broadband processing capabilities include new technologies to increase resolution with bandwidth preservation and extension.

Proprietary advanced technologies and differential solutions:

  • Frequency-dependent noise suppresion and cross spread noise suppression
  • 5D interpolation and regularization
  • Bandwidth preservation & extension
  • Anisotropic (VTI & HTI) imaging, azimuth preserved pre-stack migration (OVT-PSTM)
  • Stress and fracture attribute analysis (AzNMO)
  • PSDM and reflection tomography

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