Spotlight on Technology

Role of 3D Seismic in Hydraulic Fracture Analysis by Angie Southcott and Hal Harper, WPX Energy

Geophysics plays an important role in fracture monitoring.  WPX demonstrates the improvement in confidence gained by integrating 3D seismic with microseismic interpretations and engineering information to help clarify uncertainty and better characterize hydraulic fractures to optimize completions practices in the Williston Basin. Sterling Seismic participated in the data processing on the project.

Read more in the meeting report from the 2015 3D Seismic Symposium, Denver Colorado, available from the Denver Geophysical Society.

3D Seismic Proves Its Value in Bakken Geosteering

WPX PresentationPresented February 13, 2014 at the 3D Seismic Symposium, Denver Colorado,
by Angie Southcott and Hal Harper, WPX Energy

WPX Energy demonstrates bottom-line value in applying 3D seismic data as a geosteering tool when proper attention is paid to seismic processing and depth conversion. Sterling Seismic performed the data processing on the project.

Improved geosteering performance has been hailed publicly by WPX Energy as a key driver in achieving lower well costs in the Williston Basin. Geosteering errors in the basin were reduced by 90% from mid 2012 to early 2013. This impressive improvement is in part attributable to the use of advanced processing of 3D seismic data. Using 3D seismic for geosteering applications requires resolving the Bakken interval and accurately converting seismic surfaces to depth.

Allen-Hoffman Exploration cites superior results from Sterling processing on a 93-square mile survey in Mississippi-Alabama

June, 2014

James Allen, Chairman of Allen-Hoffman, compares results of a seismic data processing project performed simultaneously by two companies, including Sterling. Sterling achieved the highest recommendation based on expertise in statics and clear communication on the advantages of different approaches. Customer satisfaction was also a key factor with personal communication and attention, even after the project conclusion. The client achieved their exploration goal due to Sterling’s quicker turnaround and high quality result.

2020 Events


March 17
3D Seismic Symposium
Denver, Colorado
Dr. Brian Fuller is a speaker at this event.

July 20-22
URTeC Conference
Austin, Texas
Sterling representatives will be attending.

October 11-16
SEG Annual Meeting
Sterling representatives will be attending.