Our commitment to excellence focuses on helping clients gain the highest resolution image of the subsurface with our integrated geophysical processing solutions. Our strategy emphasizes a high quality result, and we dedicate the resources it takes to achieve fast project turnaround when critical reservoir development and drilling decisions depend on delivery of the seismic data.

We believe that continued innovation is critical for managing risk for clients. We routinely investigate new technologies and new approaches to push the limits of advanced processing and reservoir-focused imaging to help ensure our clients’ success. Our commitment to innovation includes careful selection of best-in-class partners and development of powerful new proprietary technologies to augment our processing capabilities to offer the best value to our clients.

Sterling offers a major advantage with expert in-house development staff who can respond swiftly with fast-tracked technology to address difficult data challenges.

Collaboration is a key element of our success strategy working with clients to gain a better understanding of the geology and their objectives. Whether a client has a small 2D dataset or a very large 3D project, we emphasize responsible, personalized collaboration to achieve results.


Our team of highly experienced geophysicists includes specialists in near-surface modeling, complex statics, anisotropy, depth imaging and reservoir characterization to help clients meet their data objectives. Since the company was founded in 1992, Sterling has become a highly respected provider of geophysical processing solutions, with over 300 referrals from oil and gas companies who enlist Sterling to help meet their exploration objectives.

We’re ahead of the curve in helping our clients utilize seismic data to help geosteer. Companies rely on the proven accuracy of Sterling processing to help them stay in the zone with high resolution data. An accurate image helps companies reduce their drilling risk with geohazards. Advanced techniques help enhance reservoir resolution and better define rock properties to determine areas of brittleness to optimize hydraulic stimulation strategies.

Sterling has decades of experience working in diverse and challenging areas to deliver quality data processing results. Companies recognize Sterling’s ability to work through challenges and create innovation solutions to leverage the value of their seismic data to help find new reserves and develop existing resources.

Sterling’s land processing experience includes extensive work in all the emerging unconventional plays and in complex imaging regions around the world, providing leading solutions for geo-steering long laterals, thin-bed reservoirs, reservoir characterization and challenging imaging environments. Client loyalty is among the highest in the business. Sterling works with large majors, leading unconventional players, and small companies working conventional reservoirs.


Our projects cover the major US shale plays, emerging plays, conventional plays from the Rockies to Gulf coast, and complex imaging world-wide.