Marc Sterling

Marc has over 30 years of experience on a wide array of processing platforms in exploration, production and engineering applications. He has been actively involved in 3D processing and development for over twenty years. At Western Geophysical, he was the Group Leader of the “Research and Special Projects Group.” Following his years at Western, Marc moved on to work with Aspen Geophysical, Bolt Technology, Production Geophysical Services and Geosignal. In all cases, Marc has enjoyed senior technical positions as well as management. Aside from production processing projects Marc has been instrumental in shear wave research and software development.

As CEO of Sterling, Marc’s technical support and involvement in all aspects of company operations are a result of his dedication to the customer and adherence to his own high standards of quality assurance. His shear wave and engineering experience has consistently lead to unsolicited work. He is a proven explorationist in both structurally complex and stratigraphic exploration provinces. He has consistently shown the ability to develop innovative processing sequences to better delineate exploration objectives.


Nick Grenfell
President COO– Denver

Nick has 13 years of varied experience in the geophysical services industry.  He joined Sterling in 2005, where he began working in the geometry and refraction group.  Learning the business from the ground up, he spent the next 3 years building geometries and near surface models from scratch and developing a full understanding of surface seismic. He then began working under Tim Michel and Lee Hakim in production processing, where he learned the principles and fundamentals of seismic data processing and all the keys to producing a high quality data result. He spent the next 7 years in production processing, working on data from all over the US and the world.  In 2015, Nick moved into the role of Business Development with the retirement of Bill Schorger. As Nick enjoys being with people and cares most about their success and helping them solve their problems, this was a natural fit for him and an excellent move for Sterling.  Nick graduated from the University of Montana, where he double majored in Geology and Statistics. Originally, his plan was to be a Hydro-Geologist. However, after he moved to Colorado with his girlfriend (now wife Amanda), they settled in and Sterling has become home.  He loves the outdoors, fly fishing, and can usually be found on a fairway somewhere.


Brian Fuller
VP of Reservoir Geosciences — Denver

Brian has 38 years’ experience applying and developing seismic technology. His current interest is in determining geomechanical properties of reservoirs via processing of time-lapse DAS seismic data recorded in horizontal wells.
Brian started in the oil industry in 1980 with Amoco/Denver as an exploration geophysicist. He then did a stint in graduate school at the University of Wyoming earning Masters and Doctoral degrees in Geophysics. Later industry work kept him in borehole seismic processing and software development and in 2008 he co-founded HiPoint Reservoir Imaging with Marc Sterling and others. HiPoint Reservoir Imaging was sold to Sigma Cubed in 2013 where Brian worked until March, 2018.
Brian said “I am very excited to be working again with the talented staff at Sterling Seismic & Reservoir Services. Our goal is to build a world-class seismic and geomechanics reservoir team that provides engineers with information they need to maximize production at the lowest possible cost.”


Richard Van Dok

Chief Geophysicist – Denver

Rich received his B.Sc. in Geophysical Engineering 1984 from the Colorado School of Mines. He joined Western Geophysical in Houston in June of 1984 and worked for them in various positions for just over twenty two years, ultimately attaining the position of Senior Area Geophysicist. Throughout his career he has been involved in all phases of surface seismic data processing including land, marine, OBC and multicomponent applications. In 1988 he transferred to Western’s Denver office. In 1996 he began working on azimuthal anisotropy issues related to both P-waves and converted waves primarily for fracture detection and reservoir characterization. In 2006, he left WesternGeco and became a partner in HiPoint Reservoir Imaging and Apex HiPoint (later to become Sigma3) to focus on all aspects of borehole seismic acquisition and processing – including active VSP imaging and passive hydraulic fracture monitoring. With Sigma3, Rich was the principal processor of borehole seismic datasets from zero-offset, 3D and 4D and converted wave VSPs.  Rich joined Sterling Seismic in January 2019 and continues his work with advanced VSP and surface seismic processing and imaging.
Rich has co-authored numerous papers and articles on these subjects for the SEG, EAGE, CSEG, AAPG and various other local geophysical societies. In 2007, Rich and his co-authors, were presented with the SEG Best Paper Presentation Award at the SEG Annual Meeting. He and his co-authors were also presented with the Best Paper in The Leading Edge Award for 2011.


Jeff Omvig
Senior Advisor

Jeff has over 25 years of experience in the geophysical services industry with several industry-leading service providers. Prior to joining Sterling Jeff was the Manager of Land Program Development for ION’s (formerly I/O) Integrated Seismic Solutions (ISS) division, where his focus was on developing global onshore multi-client projects utilizing ION’s latest technology innovations. Previous to ION, Jeff spent the majority of his career with WesternGeco (Western Geophysical), where he served in various technical and management capacities including positions as geophysical analyst, project leader, processing supervisor, technical coordinator, center manager, regional DP manager, and manager of North America (NAM) DP.

As manager of NAM DP his responsibilities included P&L for WesternGeco’s largest business unit; operations management for processing operations in Houston, Denver, New Orleans, Calgary, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Bakersfield, Midland and Poza Rica, Mexico; DP training and technical support for the North America (NAM), Mexico/Central America (MCA), and South America (SAM) business units; and strategic management of input to the R&D cycle for NAM DP operations. Jeff’s processing experience and expertise includes 2D and 3D land and marine processing, and projects from most U.S. onshore basins, Alaska, GOM, Africa, the Middle East and South America. Jeff’s focus at Sterling is on new business development, strategic growth, and the development of new service offerings to add additional value to the Sterling client experience.